Look^^ Comics based on ME!

Writtin by my writer-directer Allan Turner + Art by my frend Kameron Gates! Heeza profeshinul animater and drawz amazing!

We made 2 comic books:

Miller & Mullet in Space #1
Miller & Mullet in Space #2

Miller & Mullet in Space #3 **The Epic Conclooshun** NEVER HAPPIND.
..........yet. Itsa sci-fi futur story so maybe we just havint got thair yet. Live longer evrybudy!

We did a lotta comic book convenchunz in Toronto, NYC, and in 2006 we hada table at Comic-Con International in San Diego and I saw sumthing like 120,000 peeple in 5 dayz!!!


Then we did a web comic! FOR A YEER!

......but I hafta figur out a nu place tu uplode it online becuz the old site iz complicatid now. :( Follow me on Facebook and Twitter so wen I post them agen yu will kno!

All my comics will go on sale in my Shop wen I hava Shop!But its not redy yet.
1 step at a time.
Thissiz the GAMMA Vershun remember. Remember??



Alexander Perkins

Ken Turner

Ok thair good.

But now look at my comic I DRUW!!!

The Best.

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