Jean-Paul Mullét was born in 1726, died in 1747, then washed up onshore 100 years later. Now he performs (un)live and online. **meMullet TV COMING SOON TO YOUTUBE**

IT'S TROO! Since then Ive bin all over the world.. and beyond! Now for over 17 yeerz I've made the Toronto comedy sceen my Home. I'm wun of the city's longest running acts! ..pfft I'm 290! -I'm the longist running act ON THE PLANIT.

For the last 7 YEERZ Ive hostid Mullet's Night Show -my vary own talk show thats feeturd sume uf Toronto'z most talentid clownz, comedianz, artists, and oddballz.

NEXT SHOW IZ OCT 12 at The Social Capital Theatre! <--DEETS HEER!

UTHER Recint thingz:

September 2016 - meMullet: The True Life & Death Adventures of a Zombie Clown - daybued at the 1st annule Edmonton Clown Festival
July2016 - Mullet's Ghost Story - my nuest play at last summer'z Toronto Fringe**


2015 - Voted Toronto'z 'Best Male Improvizer' --NOW Magazine Reader's Choice
2014 - Mullet's Helpline @ the Toronto Festival uf Clowns
2013 - Mullet's Dinosaur Adventure! @ Toronto Int'l Circus Festival
2012 - Mullet's Night Show in New York City! SOLDOUT
2011 - Mullet's Make-a-Play @ Toronto Fringe

AND I perform regulrly in the Toronto Festival of Clowns and Lunacy Cabaret, plus lotsa comedy showz on stages across the city (Toronto theez days).

I bin on TV too! Zoink'd (YTV), the Canadian Comedy Award winning This Movie Sucks with ED THE SOCK! (CHCH), and Ed & Red's Night Party (CityTV/G4), where I wuz a recurring gest star.

Ive also bin in comic books! I du lotsa thingz. Yu'v probly seen me at a show or on the town!

Thankyu for viziting my website. Hava looksee then find me on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram and follow my fun adventurz!!! Cuz for a dead guy, I'm livin LOTS! --yor frend, Mullet

Foto by FeeGunn / Art by Kameron Gates & Jorge Mijangos

Thissiz my brandnu-ish site and weer STILL werking on it. I call it the Gamma Vershun. (Cuz evrwun else uzez Beta and I like the HULK!)

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